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    Robert McGinnis

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    really really fancy paul rudd though

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    B-17 being shot down

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    Deadly Beauty: A Portrait of the Portuguese Man-Of-War

    The Poruguese Man-of-war is infamous for its painful sting, but one photographer finds the beauty inside this animal’s dangerous embrace. 

    Learn more at National Geographic

    Written by Jane J. Lee. Photographs by Aaron Ansarov

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    "I looked at my hand and my little finger was gone – the bone was sticking out. It’s the weirdest feeling; one second you’re fine and your little finger is there, and the next second it’s gone. It shoves reality up your backside. I was in so much pain and shock that the first thing that hit my head was the beat and the bass. The bass was hard, so I just ripped off my top, wrapped it around my finger and tied it up as tight as I could and skanked it out for half an hour. My mentality was, ‘I’ve only been here for an hour, I’ve paid £10 for this night, I’ve lost my little finger – am I seriously going to go? Nah, I’m going to skank until I can’t skank any more.’ After that, my mate dragged me down to the paramedics."

    Friends later told him that a “bunch of stoners found [his] little finger and were playing catch with it.”

    now THAT’S what i call a party

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    Designed built by Chris Coftis/ Pulsar Project of Athens, Greece. 

    Photos by Sepe44  [ via 亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 ]

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    1967 Lamborghini Marzal.

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    Early Sunday mornings


    Why doesn’t this have thousands of notes? it’s perfect.

    I love you ^^^


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